Loveisarose Engraved 50th Anniversary Gift Gold Family Tree Plaque $129.95


Engraved 50th Anniversary Gift Gold Family Tree Plaque – $124.95

from: sid fey designs

A gold wrought metal Anniversary Engraved Family Tree mounted on a 14″ by 17″ oval walnut plaque. The gold finish on the tree is perfect for any anniversary, but especially the golden 50th Anniversary. Included is a 1.25″ x 4.25″ gold plate with the family surname, date, and title of the occasion. This tree can fit up to 80 names and birth dates. Your family members’ sparkling birthstones are set underneath their names and birth dates which are engraved on magnetic discs and hearts in golden bronze or silver. Couples will be together on the slightly larger hearts, and the grandchildren will be on the discs. Don’t forget you may add your ancestors to the tree as well. What is great about this tree is because we use individual magnetic discs for each family member / couple, you get to arrange the tree just how you want it. Plus, additions and corrections to the personalized family tree can be done in just a day and without the hassle of sending back the whole tree! Now how’s that for great convenience? Most engraved family trees are completed within 3 days. Click the Videos Tab above for instructions on building your Family Tree, or feel free to call us at 630-393-1111 to get assistance from our family tree experts. If you are having difficulty ordering online, simply email your family list and surname plate engraving information to and we will create your tree order for you. Let’s work together to create a beautiful tree for your family.


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